Kalitta Air

As ALPA’s newest member group, the pilots of Kalitta Air are counting on making the most of the Association’s resources to help them enforce their current industry-competitive agreement and gain improvements in upcoming negotiations. Previously represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Kalitta pilots are covered by a four-year collective bargaining agreement with an amendable date of December 20, 2020. The National Mediation Board certified ALPA as the representative for the pilots in February after announcing that a strong majority of the flight deck crewmembers designated the Association as their choice for representation. The pilots sent a unified message that they were ready to move forward with ALPA.

ALPA is now preparing to represent the all-cargo airline’s nearly 600 pilots in negotiations set to begin next year with the Ypsilanti (Oscada), Mich.-based company, which is solely owned by its founder, Conrad Kalitta.

“Our MEC is dedicated to improving safety, advocating for our crewmembers, and working to establish a good working relationship with Kalitta Air,” says MEC chair Capt. Scott Nelson, who was elected with overwhelming support in Kalitta’s first ALPA election following certification. “We believe we are on solid footing with ALPA. With their help, our future looks bright.”

With anticipated growth through the foreseeable future, the relationship between the pilots and the company is currently very strong. Kalitta pilots are especially optimistic about their partnership with ALPA and the tools the Association will provide to help the group maintain their current position in the industry as the company continues to expand.

Kalitta Air began service in November 2000. With customers ranging from DHL to Asiana Airlines to the U.S. military, Kalitta Air provides scheduled or on-demand charter service for customers in the United States and around the world. Currently, the global cargo carrier operates an all-freighter fleet of 27 Boeing 747-400 aircraft internationally and five Boeing 767-300 aircraft domestically for DHL. Kalitta Air has purchased a Boeing 777, which is scheduled to begin service by July 2019.