Redoubling Our Efforts

As this issue of Air Line Pilot goes to press, an unprecedented 12,000 ALPA members engaged in our Call to Action to #DenyNAI within the first few days of launching the campaign. Just one message was all it took for everyone to understand the gravity of the unacceptable decision that the Department of Transportation intends to approve Norwegian Air International’s application for a foreign air carrier permit. This ill-advised decision essentially endorses the carrier’s scheme to undercut our jobs and sets a very dangerous precedent for the future of our industry.

Two things were very clear to me as we redoubled our efforts on this issue to push for a reversal. The first: our education campaign—which began more than two years ago and was carried forth by ALPA members, staff, and our allies—was indeed an effective one. Everyone knows what it means when we say #DenyNAI. It’s become synonymous with flag-of-convenience schemes and unfair competition.

The second: How quickly our members and our fellow line pilots around the globe will rally for a cause to safeguard our profession. I witnessed this firsthand during the recent International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations conference (see page 56). This topic dominated the discussion, and all in attendance committed to a unifying resolution. Outside of our own profession, this cause is supported by more than 150,000 aviation and transportation workers, along with a groundswell of support from the public and Members of Congress.

If you haven’t already engaged, please take the time to participate. Please visit to see the different avenues to lend your support. We have Calls to Action for ALPA members as well as every other concerned citizen who is baffled by the unabashed decision to open the door to unfair competition. From social media pushes to letters to Members of Congress, we encourage you to participate and share the link with your friends and family.

Our voice is loud—but now, more than ever, we need it to be thunderous.