Enabling ALPA’s Success

We may not have been present at the time, but based on my constant interaction with the forward-looking pilot leaders of today, I’m certain that ALPA’s founders designed the Association’s Constitution & By-Laws with planning for the future in mind. Did they think their legacy would have a reach beyond the near-term goal of ensuring that their fellow airline pilots were scheduled to fly with safety as a defining factor? My guess is probably not from the start; but as ALPA’s pilots and staff have observed and experienced, once you begin to make headway on one issue, others will surely emerge. ALPA’s 85 years of history retells this story time and time again.

While this calendar year may be winding to an end, the mission of this union certainly does not—not for pilot leaders and volunteers and not for ALPA’s staff. It is, however, a natural time to reassess. It is fortuitous that ALPA’s early leaders created an organization that deliberately builds in an opportunity to pause, reflect, and recalibrate; the Board of Directors meeting provides such a mechanism. It gives all ALPA elected pilot representatives, pilot volunteers, and professional staff an opportunity to discuss challenges, setbacks, and successes. And for the past decade, that discussion has manifested itself in the form of ALPA’s strategic plan.

As you’ll read in “Strategic Plan: Plotting a Course to Continue ALPA’s Success,” this year was no different. Embraced and adopted by the 2016 Board of Directors, the union’s strategic plan includes the strategic goals to keep aviation the safest, most secure form of travel; negotiate and enforce the strongest possible contracts for ALPA members; and ensure the future of the airline piloting profession. Equipped with that direction, ALPA leaders and staff define ways to achieve these goals through the following enabling goals: effectively managing the organization and its resources, training and preparing ALPA’s professional staff and pilot volunteers, actively engaging members and stakeholders, preserving and increasing ALPA’s membership, and developing and delivering the best services to ALPA members.

I encourage you to take a complete look at ALPA’s strategic plan available at www.alpa.org/strategicplan and see what your elected leaders and the professional staff will be working on for the benefit of your collective future.