A Real Measure of Progress

From the original 24 courageous “Key Men” to the more than 53,000 members of the Air Line Pilots Association, International representing the U.S. and Canada, male and female, embracing diversity, and spanning the generations from Baby Boomers to the Millennials, ALPA’s 85-year history is a real measure of progress within the airline piloting profession.

And that progress—from 1931 when “safety” was simply measured by staying alive to today—has completely changed the airline industry and has given ALPA the relevancy to continue to weigh in on all matters concerning the piloting profession.

In the past few weeks, the Canadian government launched aggressive awareness campaigns on lasers and the safe and legal operation of unmanned aircraft systems—both significant nods to safety that demonstrate the efforts of ALPA’s advocacy efforts through the Canada Board. Since merging with ALPA 19 years ago, our Canadian members and ALPA staff have worked tirelessly to develop relationships with regulators and legislators to ensure that the pilots’ perspective is always a priority in the discussion.

In the U.S., the pilots who represent ALPA’s Air Safety Organization, supported by ALPA staff, continue to make significant strides in developments regarding safety, security, and pilot assistance. In this issue, you’ll read about our continued collaboration with industry partners and stakeholders on the Federal Flight Deck Officer program, ALPA’s Professional Standards Committee, and our continued work with the Transportation Security Administration on Known Crewmember.

We continue to ask for your engagement in our Call to Action on the transport of lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries. Thousands have participated, but with your added voice, we’ll be heard. It’s this type of pilot engagement (see Capt. Canoll’s column on page 5) that’s been the driving force of the Association for the past eight and a half decades. What I’ve witnessed from my nearly three years here engaging with many pilots is that no matter the fight—and there are plenty—ALPA pilots have always paved the way to progress. Yesterday. Today. And another 85 years to come.