Embracing a Diversity of Ideas

Thinking differently. Shaking things up. Whatever you call avoiding the same old way of doing business, ALPA has helped the North American airline industry do it for more than 80 years.

How does this happen? If you were one of the more than 600 people who joined us for this year’s Air Safety Forum, you’ve experienced just what I’m talking about: ALPA brings people together.

All those who influence our industry, or even have the potential to, are fair game for an invitation to debate and discuss the challenges and opportunities ALPA pilots face both in our home countries and abroad. We consider what other nations do. We turn to examples from other industries. I also have the privilege of engaging the ALPA staff in these discussions. Our diverse professional staff contributes enormous skill and judgment in working to meet ALPA’s mission and achieve our members’ goals.

In a nutshell, ALPA seeks out all those who might offer new insight or unique expertise. We feed on fresh energy and bold vision. Everyone may not always agree during these discussions, but the high-energy dialogue in which wildly different views are exchanged can produce moments that shatter past thinking. As you’ll read in this issue, ALPA is constantly working to connect with people who might now, or years from now, compel our industry to think in new ways.

The diversity of ideas that ALPA has already helped bring to life is truly astonishing. And because it has emerged from a determined collaborative effort, the advancement that results often grabs hold across the industry, around the globe, and over time.

ALPA is always investing in building our diversity of ideas. An elementary-school student who asks the first question of an ALPA Education Committee pilot volunteer may become the airline pilot who imagines the next NextGen. A student enrolled at an aviation university now may in 10 years become an ALPA pilot group leader. A young mother may decide to go after her dream of becoming an airline pilot, inspired by meeting one of so many parents who fly the line while caring for their families.

ALPA—through its pilot volunteers and staff—embraces a diversity of ideas that reinforces the strength of this union.