Planning for the Future

Later this month, the Association’s Board of Directors will examine the upcoming goals for the union. Your elected pilot representatives will consider the numerous objectives of the Air Line Pilots Association, International and continue to build upon the union’s strategic plan, a living document designed to maintain the safest and most secure air transportation system, advance members’ careers, and secure the future of the piloting profession.

In this issue, you’ll read about how pilots, supported by ALPA staff, engage to make progress on each of these goals and objectives. The work we do on a daily basis is all in an effort to support our members and their careers and enhance the safety and security of our industry, today and tomorrow.

You’ll read in the coverage of our highly successful 2016 Air Safety Forum about how the reputation and expertise of ALPA’s own pilots from the United States and Canada deliver a powerful message to all aviation stakeholders—even those who don’t always side with us on our issues.

You’ll also read in Capt. Canoll’s column the progress we’ve made on advancing our members’ careers. ALPA staff supports the negotiation process every step of the way. From developing communications and pilot engagement strategies and conducting the industrywide research needed to give our members the information available to make the best decision for themselves and their families to sitting at the negotiations table alongside our pilot negotiators—ALPA is all about being there.

As we seek to help our current members achieve better contracts and quality of life, we’re also securing the future of the profession. This comes in many forms, and you’ll read in F/O Richard Swindell’s column how the Professional Development Group and the committees that fall under that structure strengthen the profession through training and also by inspiring the next generation of airline pilots.

Everything ALPA pilots and staff do is bound to the union’s long-time mission to advance the airline piloting profession. Whether it’s defending airline pilots’ careers against domestic and foreign threats, negotiating the highest pay, or demanding science-based flight- and duty-time regulations for all airline pilots, ALPA’s strategic plan defines the path for our future.