Taking Off

ALPA pilots around the globe come forward on a daily basis to volunteer for our union and advance the airline piloting profession. You take your responsibilities seriously, and you aren’t alone. ALPA’s professional staff members also take our responsibilities seriously, and we go above and beyond to ensure that our union continues to make gains for our members. I was recently reminded of this during the International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations conference in Madrid. Pilot groups and individual pilots from around the globe respect ALPA’s leadership and professionalism across the spectrum of our work, from representation and bargaining expertise to advocating for the safest and most secure future for our members.

Throughout this issue of Air Line Pilot, you’ll read about many of our legislative priorities and what we’re doing to advance them. As you know, presidential campaigns for the 2016 U.S. federal elections have begun, and likewise in Canada elections are scheduled to take place later this year. So it’s more important than ever to elevate our message above the residual noise. ALPA’s expert staff members in the Government Affairs Department are extremely valuable, as they’re on the front lines of advancing our strategy to create positive change. Our team of professionals works with decisionmakers in Canada and the United States every day to advance our pilot-partisan agenda.

And although they’re on the front lines, they certainly don’t go at it alone. They’re masterfully backed up by ALPA’s subject-matter experts in the Legal, Representation, Economics & Financial Analysis, and Engineering & Air Safety Departments, working together to develop the most relevant and reasonable policy positions—with support from professionals in the Communications Department, who help craft and refine our strategic messages under the framework adopted by ALPA’s Board of Directors.

It takes an entire team to build a foundation for success, and it’s notable to mention that ALPA’s staff team members go above and beyond their everyday jobs on behalf of pilot-partisan advocacy. You’ll see in this year’s Roll of Distinction (see page 30) that in addition to the thousands of pilot members who contributed to ALPA-PAC in 2014, ALPA’s management team also contributed, setting a new record for staff contributions with more than $12,000 in receipts to the PAC. ALPA staff members are active ambassadors for the cause, participating in our pilot Calls to Action, amplifying ALPA’s messages by posting and sharing messages on their own Facebook or Twitter accounts, signing petitions, and encouraging others to take action.

With an army of passionate pilot volunteers and staff members who truly believe in our cause, we are unrivaled. It’s no wonder why the Air Line Pilots Association, International is the leading advocate for airline pilot issues in North American and abroad. We are ALPA.