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In this month’s “Health Watch,” we stray somewhat from our traditional write-up of “what ails you and how the FAA has weighed in on the topic.” Achieving the same goal, we highlight a noteworthy app—especially for those who fly internationally for work (or for pleasure).

“Can I Eat This?” is a question we’ve all asked—because sometimes the unrecognizable dish is the most compelling one. Luckily for those who have issues with weak stomachs or with trying new foods, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has developed an app—for airline pilots and travelers alike—that offers reassurance or caution about traditional foods around the world or that unfamiliar item on the menu. The free, easy-to-use “Can I Eat This?” app is available from Google Play and the Apple App Store. If you know of other apps that your fellow ALPA pilots would benefit from, please let us know at

On another note, Jan W. Steenblik, Air Line Pilot’s technical editor, will retire on September 4 after 35 years of writing, editing, and taking photographs. His shared coverage of this year’s Air Safety Forum (see pages 19-25), the summary of the Association’s “Airline Pilot Shortage? Myths, Facts, and Solutions” Conference (see pages 28–29), his feature on ALPA’s new accident investigation training (see pages 30–32), and his coverage of the Arsenal of Democracy World War II Victory Capital Flyover (see pages 35–36) are proof of his consistent passion for aviation and his skills as a writer, editor, and photographer. Although Jan’s byline will be missing from future editions of Air Line Pilot, his rich institutional knowledge and stories have been captured through the hundreds of articles he’s written on behalf of all ALPA members.

We wish him the best of luck and a happy retirement.