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On June 5, nearly 200 ALPA members from 38 states conducted hundreds of meetings with members of Congress to press these decision makers to support pilot-partisan issues. This boots-on-the-ground effort known as “Hill Day” wrapped up ALPA’s seventh annual Legislative Summit on Capitol Hill.

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Congratulations on your aviation career taking flight! You’ve soared through the skies to start your dream toward becoming a commercial airline pilot—but we all know landing here wasn’t simple. Completing flight school and graduating from one of the many top-notch aviation universities in the United States and Canada is an important first step.


Today, only 2.5 percent of airline pilots in the United States are of Asian American/Pacific Islander decent. For Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, ALPA is proud to honor the contributions of some of the first Asian-Pacific American aviators and reflect on the hardships and challenges they faced. Let us introduce you to a few unsung heroes who overcame obstacles to blaze a path forward for future aviators. 


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May is National Photography Month and an opportunity to showcase ALPA pilots’ best photographs of the Northern Lights, snow-capped mountains, sunsets, and other awe-inspiring views of nature. From the moment the Wright brothers first took off, there have been photos documenting the glory of flight, and ALPA pilots continue the tradition today.

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Every day, ALPA pilots fly nearly two million people around the globe, keeping passengers, crew, and cargo safe seven miles above the Earth—that’s because we are #TrainedforLife. Along the way, ALPA pilots can capture some of the most stunning photos. As we celebrate Earth Day this year, take a moment to enjoy some of our favorite (and most breathtaking!) photos, as seen from the skies.

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