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Enlisted service members with aviation-related specialties make great airline pilot candidates says Compass Capt. Josh Walden. The former U.S. Army helicopter mechanic explains how he transitioned to the airline cockpit in the “Our Stories” column of this month’s Air Line Pilot magazine

On January 15, 2009, the world watched as two highly trained and experienced pilots landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the middle of New York City’s Hudson River. Within minutes of losing power in both engines, the five crewmembers onboard, along with the assistance of dozens of first responders in the NYC area, made a rare unpowered ditching into the icy river and successfully evacuated all 150 passengers. ALPA remains extremely grateful for the extraordinary professionalism demonstrated that day and, once again, congratulates the crew for their heroic efforts.


Every January, gadget lovers and technophiles around the world focus their attention on Las Vegas, Nev., for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Here, tech companies introduce the latest models of their UHD 4K TVs and Internet-connected washing machines. It’s also where manufacturers announce the newest models of drones, or UAS...


All around the globe, and across the Internet, customers are busy purchasing (and shipping) holiday gifts. Whether a trinket from a small business on Main Street or the hottest tech gadget from a large online retailer, chances are good that is was shipped by air. FedEx alone sees an average of 14 million shipments every day, but during the holidays, that number doubles (and that’s not even including other major shipping companies that also transport cargo across the world, as well as all the cargo that passenger carriers carry). 

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Tis the season for gift giving, family dinners, and ugly neckties and sweaters . . . and let’s not forget the outdoor light displays! High-tech light and laser displays are increasingly popular and accessible, and our senses (and sensibilities) are bombarded with dazzling displays of light coordinated with the Die Hard soundtrack (yes, it’s a Christmas movie). But did you know that these high-tech displays put airline pilots (with your family and packages on board) in danger? 

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