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Today, only 2.5 percent of airline pilots in the United States are of Asian American/Pacific Islander decent. For Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, ALPA is proud to honor the contributions of some of the first Asian-Pacific American aviators and reflect on the hardships and challenges they faced. Let us introduce you to a few unsung heroes who overcame obstacles to blaze a path forward for future aviators. 


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May is National Photography Month and an opportunity to showcase ALPA pilots’ best photographs of the Northern Lights, snow-capped mountains, sunsets, and other awe-inspiring views of nature. From the moment the Wright brothers first took off, there have been photos documenting the glory of flight, and ALPA pilots continue the tradition today.

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Every day, ALPA pilots fly nearly two million people around the globe, keeping passengers, crew, and cargo safe seven miles above the Earth—that’s because we are #TrainedforLife. Along the way, ALPA pilots can capture some of the most stunning photos. As we celebrate Earth Day this year, take a moment to enjoy some of our favorite (and most breathtaking!) photos, as seen from the skies.

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Warm weather is here or on the horizon, and spring-break travelers are getting ready to fly to destinations around the world. Airlines for America is predicting a record-breaking number of passengers to fly on U.S. aircraft—nearly 158.2 million, a 4.3 percent increase over last year. Thanks in no small part to airline pilots (we’re #TrainedforLife), flying on carriers based in the United States and Canada has never been safer. But we can all do our part as passengers and shippers to keep flying safe: Did you #PackSafe and #ChecktheBox?

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Strong unions have led to economic stability for professional airline pilots and other workers across the United States and Canada. This stability and predictability, made possible by collective bargaining agreements, have provided jobs for hardworking Americans and allowed airlines to expand service to new markets and attract new passengers and freight shippers. But workers’ ability to choose union representation is under attack right now due to a proposed rule change by the National Mediation Board (NMB).

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