Donate to Pilots for Pilots with the 717 Club Campaign

Hurricanes. Wildfires. Floods. These and other widespread disasters can bring destruction and devastation. If one of them hits you, it can be overwhelming. You'll have to deal with FEMA, property insurance, long waits, and of course the emotional burdens that come with any disaster.

If you do, however, P4P is there to help. ALPA's Pilots4Pilots (P4P) Fund—our emergency relief fund—is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity created solely for ALPA members and their dependents that covers the immediate, extraordinary expenses that follow widespread, catastrophic events and helps expedite the recovery process, allowing ALPA families to return their lives to some semblance of normalcy.

But for ALPA to help, we need your help. So we're asking you to join the "717 Club" and donate $7 in '17—or $77 or even $777—to help your colleagues in need.

We've set a goal of $40,000 and we'll share our progress throughout the summer, so please donate and encourage your ALPA colleagues to do the same. We're all just a disaster away from needing Pilots4Pilots. Donate today!

Seven Ways You Can Help the 717 Club Campaign

  1. Donate $7, $77, or $777—or any amount you're able.
  2. Set up a recurring donation through PayPal. This can be monthly, quarterly, or even annually.
  3. Ask your payroll department if you can create an automatic withdrawal from your paycheck (not available with all pilot groups).
  4. Send an email to seven ALPA colleagues and encourage them to match your donation.
  5. Post a tweet in support of the 717 Club campaign.
  6. Cut and paste the following to your Facebook page: I joined the 717 Club with a donation to ALPA's P4P; will you do the same? Visit
  7. Finally, if you know an ALPA pilot affected by a widespread disaster, tell them about P4P!

Another Way to Support P4P All Year Long

Support P4P through Amazon SmileAnother way you can support P4P is by shopping with AmazonSmile. If you purchase products using online retailer, visit AmazonSmile—you’ll find the same prices, selection, and shopping experience as, with the added benefit that Amazon will donate .5 percent of your purchase price to P4P. Just click the link to register your account and then start every Amazon trip at AmazonSmile instead.

Please use P4P when you need it and remind other ALPA pilots that it is available. Remember, we are all just a disaster away from needing Pilots for Pilots, so please help us maintain this important member resource by making periodic donations. Thanks for your continuing support.

What Can P4P Do?



The fund’s tax-exempt status is dependent on remaining within the IRS guidelines, which are specific in regards to eligibility. The guidelines limit P4P disbursement of the funds to individuals who suffer from a widespread disaster.

To ensure that you meet P4P criteria, please carefully review the fund guidelines, which explain the conditions that constitute an applicable disaster and the fund’s IRS classification.