What is ALPA-PAC?

ALPA-PAC is your political voice in D.C. and across the country. We are funded 100% by voluntary contributions from ALPA members living in the United States. All donations are used to educate decision makers in Washington, D.C., and build pilot-partisan majorities in the House and Senate. ALPA-PAC was created as a tool to help represent our concerns to the policy makers working on these issues on a daily basis. It serves as a critical complement to ALPA’s lobbying efforts and greatly helps to advance pilot-partisan issues in the Capitol.

Shortly after our creation, ALPA realized that the PAC could be most effective in supporting candidates running for the House and Senate. While other PACs might only lobby incumbent members of Congress, ALPA-PAC would help elect pro-pilot candidates to office where they could lobby Congress from the inside. Earning ALPA-PAC’s support as a candidate is a rigorous process which requires a demonstrated commitment to pilots and the support of local pilots.

ALPA-PAC is the most bipartisan labor PAC in the country. The PAC counts conservative Republicans, liberal Democrats, and moderates of all stripes among its greatest allies. Party and ideology are irrelevant to an individual’s support for pilot partisan causes. We are pilot partisan.

Why Contribute?

ALPA members work in one of the most regulated industries in the country. The federal government determines how often you can fly, what your training looks like, your medical requirements, and many other aspects of our profession. Additionally, our industry is currently facing several existential threats that our government must take positive action on. ALPA-PAC is the best way to educate decision makers on the issues pilots care about and to ensure our jobs and careers are stable, prosperous, and around as long as we need them.


The above descriptions of the Air Line Pilots Association PAC are not a solicitation to contribute to the PAC. Only ALPA members, ALPA executives, and senior administrative and professional staff personnel, and their immediate family members living in the same household are eligible to contribute to ALPA-PAC. ALPA-PAC maintains and enforces a policy of refusing to accept contributions from any other source. ALPA members may learn more about ALPA-PAC and about contributing to ALPA-PAC by entering the members-only portion of this website.