ALPA Mobile App: Download Today!

Your Commute Just Got a Lot Easier

Our jumpseat Flight Finder is now available in the ALPA app—free and just for members—and offers several unique features tailored to commuting pilots, including:

  • Search connections between different airlines
  • Passenger and most cargo flight data (UPS schedules are not currently available, but we are working with UPS to add them in the future)
  • Advanced search filtering
  • Flight status updates
  • Ability to save frequent searches
  • Direct link to jumpseat information such as usernames and passwords
  • Last saved information for use in airplane mode
  • And it’s free with no third-party ads!
Download the app today and see how Flight Finder can help you commute! 

The ALPA app keeps you connected with your union wherever you go. Download and log in with your ALPA credentials for quick access. Make sure you are running the current version of the app to access the latest features and content.

App Features: 

  • DART
  • Breaking news updates
  • Your membership card
  • Known Crewmember
  • Jumpseat information
  • ALPA’s Worldwide Accident/Serious Incident Hotline (the “orange card”)
  • Pilot Peer Support
  • Documents from ALPA, your MEC, and your LEC
  • Resources for pilots facing displacement
  • More coming soon!

To print out a hard copy of your membership card or have one mailed to you, log in to your account. If you don’t know your ALPA number, email Membership Administration or call 888-FLY-ALPA.

ALPA Part 117 Calculator

The ALPA Part 117 Calculator and Guide is an app developed by ALPA as an aid to assist ALPA members in tracking flight and duty times and identifying potential compliance, or noncompliance, with Part 117 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.