ALPA promotes and champions all aspects of aviation safety throughout all segments of the aviation community.

  • Keep America Flying:
    A Flight Plan for Safe and Fair Skies

    ALPA and its partners are working to ensure that the U.S. airline industry continues to serve as the economic engine it is today but also maintains the enviable safety record for commercial air transportation tomorrow. Read ALPA's “Flight Plan”—reasoned and achievable policy solutions that will serve to generate real progress as we endeavor to Keep America Flying by maintaining safe and fair skies.

Keeping America Flying
State of Our Skies: Canada
  • State of Our Skies: Canada

    Canadian airlines, like those in the rest of North America, are facing turbulence in the global marketplace. As the voice of airline pilots in Canada, ALPA is duty-bound to advocate on behalf of our industry and aggressively push stakeholders to adapt in order to thrive. Read ALPA’s sound policy solutions that would create a better business environment and improve the state of Canadian skies.

Our Top Priorities

  • Flag-of-Convenience SchemesCall to Action

    Norwegian Air International's flag-of-convenience model seeks to undercut U.S. airlines by obtaining an air operator certificate (AOC) in a country to which it doesn’t fly. NAI’s business plan would then take advantage of that country’s relaxed employment laws to employ outsourced foreign-domiciled workers at wage and benefit levels substantially lower than if it operated as a Norwegian airline headquartered in Norway.

  • FAA Reauthorization

    The FAA reauthorization—and Congress—is critical to promoting and advancing the highest safety standards in aviation. ALPA’s top priority is ensuring that FAA operations continue uninterrupted. We support a long-term bill that provides stable funding to enable the agency to fulfill its safety mission and to implement NextGen and other air traffic system modernization initiatives.

  • Lithium BatteriesCall to Action

    Shipment of lithium-ion and lithium-metal batteries aboard aircraft is the most pressing hazmat safety issue that the aviation community needs to address.

  • Pilot Pay ShortageCall to Action

    Rock-bottom starting pay and benefits and little opportunity for career advancement are creating major hurdles for regional airlines in attracting new pilots to the profession. Meanwhile, hundreds of qualified pilots are furloughed and others choose to work abroad or outside the industry. It's clear: It’s no pilot shortage; it’s a pilot PAY shortage.

  • Secondary Barriers

    Call to Action: House Call to Action: Senate

    Congress should enact legislation that would require that all passenger aircraft be equipped with a secondary barrier as a necessary layer of security.

  • Health-Care Excise Tax

    Call to Action: House Call to Action: Senate

    Beginning in 2020, a 40 percent excise tax will go into effect on the cost of employer-sponsored health care that exceeds certain amounts.

  • Open SkiesCall to Action

    The United States must ensure that Open Skies agreements give U.S. airlines and their employees a fair opportunity to compete in the international marketplace. First and foremost, that means enforcing the letter and spirit of our existing Open Skies agreements.

  • State of Our Skies: Canada

    Canadian airlines, like those in the rest of North America, are facing turbulence in the global marketplace. The North American airline industry and its employees operate in a hypercompetitive international arena with foreign airlines that are often state-owned or heavily state-sponsored.

Also on Our Radar

ALPA continues to echo the call for decision-makers to put safety first and to balance the desire for rushed progress and profitability with safeguarding airline passengers, cabin crews, and air cargo shippers.