FedEx Express

A FedEx MD-11 taxiing at Montréal-Mirabel International Airport. Photo: F/O Christopher DeAugustine (FedEx Express)

At A Glance

Pilots joined ALPA: June 1993–1996; rejoined ALPA in June 2002

Number of flightcrew members: 5,722

Pilot bases: Anchorage, Alaska; Cologne, Germany; Indianapolis, Ind.; Los Angeles and Oakland, Calif.; and Memphis, Tenn.

Hubs/key markets: FedEx has 13 Express air hub facilities, including Memphis, Tenn.; Miami, Fla.; Dallas, Tex.; Indianapolis, Ind.; and Oakland, Calif.

Headquarters: Memphis, Tenn.

Operations: FedEx delivers to every U.S. street address and provides air-ground express service to 220-plus countries and territories. The carrier moves approximately 28 million pounds of freight daily.

Fleet: B-757s, B-767s, B-777s, MD-11s, and A300s

Last year was pivotal in the FedEx Express pilot group’s history. As mediated negotiations continued, the pilots’ Master Executive Council (MEC) launched strategic communications and engagement campaigns. When negotiations failed to produce sufficient value, the pilots took a significant step in the process by putting forth a strike-authorization ballot to the membership. In May, the pilots voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike, with 97 percent of eligible pilots participating and 99 percent voting in favor.

Later in May, the MEC Negotiating Committee reached a tentative agreement with management. In June, the MEC voted to send the agreement to the pilots for a ratification vote. Educational materials were provided and road shows were hosted in pilot domiciles. The pilot group voted to reject the tentative agreement in July. This resulted in leadership changes and a renewed commitment toward achieving an agreement that FedEx pilots will be proud to support. The MEC has been conducting polling and surveys to identify issues that must be addressed.

Looking ahead to 2024, the MEC and leadership team are committed to ongoing polling and surveys, as well as providing opportunities to meet with pilots in person, ensuring that the views and needs of every pilot are heard and considered as the pilot group works toward a successful conclusion to negotiations. To this end, the pilots are able to attend MEC meetings virtually to ensure maximum transparency.

A FedEx B-767’s early-morning arrival at Toluca International Airport. Photo: Capt. Chris Lee (FedEx Express)