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For airline pilots, February 12 serves as a constant reminder of the importance of aviation safety. Although it’s been nine years since the Colgan Air Flight 3407 tragedy, the gravity of the crash has not diminished—our collective grieving continues and our passion for the safety of our skies has only grown.

Flight 3407 had a profound impact on our industry and, in its aftermath, positive changes in aviation safety emerged. ALPA was an early leader in calling for the strengthening of pilot training and qualification requirements. Through collective efforts with other aviation safety advocates, Congress enacted the Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act of 2010. 

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This week at Asia’s largest air show, the Singapore Airshow, drones continued to dominate the news coverage. With zero commercial aircraft orders announced, there was much discussion on how to effectively ensure that as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) continue to rise in popularity, they do not adversely threaten safety. 

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On January 15, 2009, the world watched as highly trained pilots landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the middle of New York City’s Hudson River. Within minutes of losing power in both engines, the five crewmembers onboard, along with the assistance of dozens of first responders in the NYC area, made a rare, unpowered ditching into the icy river and successfully evacuated all 150 passengers. 

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Reflecting on the past year, it is clear that ALPA continues to lead the charge to maintain and improve aviation safety in both the United States and Canada. And as we look to 2018, we will stay the course toward our goal of ensuring that North American airline travel remains the safest mode of transportation in the world. From issues spanning fatigue, pilot training and qualifications, unmanned aircraft systems, carriage of hazardous materials, and so much more, ALPA is the safety conscience of the airline industry for passengers and cargo—constantly adapting and focusing on both imminent and long-term threats.

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On behalf of more than 58,000 pilots of the Air Line Pilots Association, International, ALPA applauds the Department of Transportation and Secretary Elaine Chao’s commitment to making it easier for our veterans to work in the best industry in the world. Many of ALPA’s members have proudly served our country in uniform, and the union stands ready to assist others in breaking down barriers that may impede them from pursuing carriers in aviation, all while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

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