Dads and Father Figures on the Flight Deck

To all of our members who are fathers and father figures, we wish you a very Happy Father’s Day! This year, we asked several of our leaders and members about their experiences as a father who is also a pilot flying the line. One of our members, B-777 Capt. Bruce Jewett (UAL), shared his story with us.




Q: Capt. Jewett, please tell us about your experience as both a father an airline pilot.

A: I have been an airline pilot since I was 22 years old. My experience has been a mostly positive one. I fly for United Airlines and have been based in San Francisco, Calif., my entire career. I have flown my son’s entire 8th grade class back from New York for their field trip. I flew my daughter’s 30-person competition singing team back from Orlando. And now, I fly my daughter back and forth from San Francisco to New York, where she attends NYU.

Q: What do you think are some of the biggest challenges with being a father and an airline pilot?

A: I had my first child when I was 38, and my second at 40. Luckily, I was somewhat senior, therefore I was able to attend important events for the most part. That said, one of the biggest challenges was still being away for a part of the growing-up process. However, due to the position I held as a captain since becoming a father, they always looked up to me not only for the fact I was their dad, but a captain for a major airline. 

Q: In your words, why is fatherhood important?

A: Fatherhood is important since you can shape the lives of your children. They look up to you for guidance and support with unconditional love. You are one of the important figures, if not the most important, in their young lives. Luckily, as they continued to grow, I continued to be that important figure and still am. 


Q: How has being an ALPA member helped you as a father?

A: ALPA has provided valuable information and job security/protection. I have always had a good feeling knowing ALPA has my back.


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