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As Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on October 8, ALPA is thankful for our more than 5,100 Canadian members and their dedication to the airline pilot profession. They—as all 60,000-plus ALPA members do—work year round to ensure that the traveling public and packages get safely and securely to their destinations. 


Each year, about 1,100 hazmat incidents result from the shipment of undeclared hazardous materials. More often than not, these hazardous materials go undeclared simply because of a lack of awareness or understanding on the part of the shipper or their customers. 


Seventeen years ago, on September 11, 2001, the unthinkable happened—the very aircraft we operate each day to deliver passengers and cargo to destinations around the globe were used as weapons in terrorist attacks. And today, every time pilots and passengers fly, there are reminders of the tremendous impacts that day had on our industry.

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As the world’s largest pilots’ union, we are reflecting this Labor Day on our current and past efforts to protect the airline pilot profession. The U.S. and Canadian economies depend on airline pilots to deliver passengers and cargo safely and on time. This Labor Day, we hope that you can take a moment to lend your voice to our current causes. 

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On Aug. 23, 1958, the president of the United States signed the Federal Aviation Act, which created the new Federal Aviation Administration, responsible for civil aviation safety.

From the start, unexpected challenges arose. It quickly became evident that airport and flight safety needed technological innovation and widening of government programs, and ALPA was happy to bring our “Schedule with Safety” motto to work with them. As industry partners, ALPA and the FAA remain aligned in the desire to keep safety front and center while having the most reliable and productive air transportation system in the world.

As we reflect on the multi-agency effort to support a safe and secure aviation industry, the FAA remains invaluable to the entire operation. Happy 60th birthday, FAA!

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