Leadership From the Cockpit

For decades, ALPA has advocated for One Level of Safety for one simple reason: a tired pilot is a tired pilot, regardless of payload. However, when new fatigue rules were implemented in 2011, a flawed cost-benefit analysis of the regulations excluded cargo pilots. Despite this “cargo carveout,” there is no scientific basis for the separate pilot duty and rest rules based on the type of operations they conduct. Cargo pilots fly the same routes, in the same airspace, and into the same airports as pilots of passenger airlines, and inconsistencies in regulations put the traveling public at risk.

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The Association’s 63,000-plus members routinely travel to the four corners of the world. From the crowded Los Angeles, Calif., air corridor to the sparse tarmac of Resolute Bay Airport serving Resolute, Nunavut, ALPA pilots safely transport passengers and cargo on thousands of flights per day—all while sharing the airspace with commercial space operations and unmanned aircraft systems.


For more than 80 years, the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) has advanced aviation safety and security on behalf of pilots, crewmembers, and the flying public. During the early days of air travel, pilots lacked many basic safety provisions. That’s why ALPA’s founder and first president, Capt. Dave Behncke, brought pilots together with one goal in mind—to advance aviation safety. And that goal remains the core of our mission today. ALPA is the largest airline pilot union in the world, growing to more than 63,000 #TrainedforLife pilots at 35 airlines in the United States and Canada.

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Tis the season for gift giving, family dinners, and ugly neckties and sweaters . . . and let’s not forget the outdoor light displays! High-tech light and laser displays are increasingly popular and accessible, and our senses (and sensibilities) are bombarded with dazzling displays of light coordinated with the Die Hard soundtrack (yes, it’s a Christmas movie). But did you know that these high-tech displays put airline pilots (with your family and packages on board) in danger?

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Airline pilots work hard year-round to safely deliver passengers and cargo to their destinations, and during the exceptionally busy holiday travel season, many ALPA pilots also go the extra mile to give back to their communities.