Pilot Resources

ALPA Insurance

Life, Loss of License, and Dental plans, and more.

Known Crewmember

Participating airlines and airports, alerts, and FAQs.

ALPA Aeromedical

ALPA members in good standing can contact the Aeromedical Office and staff at no cost.

Part 117 Regulations and Interpretations

Guide to Part 117 Flight-Time Limitations and Rest Requirements


Financial assistance to help members and their families dealing with widespread disasters.

Furloughed Pilots Support Program

Background information, available resources, and valuable contacts to assist furloughed pilots.

ALPA Accident/Incident Hotline

What to do and who to call if you're involved in an accident or incident.

What To Do If You See a UAS In-Flight

How to report a near mid-air collision with an unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

ALPA Daily

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Bring the power of ALPA and Part 117 resources to your mobile device.


Policies, resources, general information, a Pilot-in-Command overview, and more.

Fee-for-Departure Resources

Strategies to counter threats and capture opportunities in the FFD segment of the piloting profession.

International Directory

In case of accident, incident, or operating irregularity.

Cleared to Dream

Start your journey to becoming an airline pilot here.

Security Briefings

Tools, alerts, and travel guides around the world.

FAA Airspace Restrictions

US IFIM Prohibitions, Restrictions, and Notices

What To Do If You're Lased

Learn how to mitigate a laser event and how to report one.


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