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The most important safety feature of any airline operation is a well-trained, highly experienced and qualified professional pilot. And the best way to attract and retain these pilots is to pay them competitive wages and offer a solid career progression.

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Emirates Airline plans to operate daily flights from Newark to Dubai through Athens beginning March 12 is yet another example of the airline massive subsidies it receives from the United Arab Emirates government.

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In the latest demonstration of national union support for Hawaiian Airlines pilots, Air Line Pilots Association, Int'l (ALPA) president Capt. Tim Canoll met on January 6 with the pilots and the Honolulu news media to express solidarity in the pilots fight for a fair contract.


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While many of us will travel by air during the holidays, this time of year also marks the busiest season for sending packages. Many gift givers not only ship packages, but also bring gifts on board flights. If not disclosed and handled properly, lithium batteries and other hazardous materials such as food packed in dry ice or flammable liquids can present a serious risk.

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Special Guest Commentary by Mark Haley, ALPA Education Committee chairman 

With the 2016-17 academic year fully under way, ALPA pilots are reaching out to students of all ages to relate how their love of flying has translated into a fulfilling career. For decades, ALPA has worked to pique the interest of new generations of aviators with the goal of ensuring a strong pilot workforce for the future.

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