Hundreds of Thousands of Users and Actions: Looking Back at the Best of 2020

In a year that started strong for our industry, the drastic shift in demand in early 2020 led to changes in how we all operate, including your union’s communications:

  • New and revamped resource pages launched on, adding to the more than 791,000 users throughout the year;
  • In addition to the weekly FastRead, a combined 70 Newsflashes and messages from ALPA’s national officers delivered up-to-the-minute information to your e-mail inboxes;
  • Call to Action participation rates hit all-time highs with a half a million actions; and
  • We reached new levels of public support with 421,238 engagements on our ad campaigns, including our initiative to ensure the traveling public that airline pilots are Ready for Takeoff.

To take a look back at a year when ALPA pilots truly stood together with one voice, we’ve compiled some highlights of the most popular, most engaging content of 2020, including one page on our website that was viewed by 124,798 users.

Calls to Action

ALPA pilots and other supporters sent nearly 500,000 letters, tweets, and phone calls to U.S. government leaders asking them to save and restore pilot jobs. It’s no surprise that these Calls to Action also dominated the list for most-clicked links in FastRead this year.

With the constant, urgent need for member action, ALPA created a COVID-19 advocacy page, which is regularly updated with the latest actions for members to take to protect our industry and pilot careers in both the United States and Canada.

Top 5 FastRead Links

  1. Extend the Payroll Support Program Call to Action (14,591 clicks)
  2. COVID-19 Resources for Flight Crews (11,122 clicks)
  3. Preparing Your 2019 Taxes (6,306 clicks)
  4. Bankruptcy Reform Call to Action (4,955 clicks)
  5. COVID-19 Advocacy (4,800 clicks)

Website Highlights

Total users on 791,863

Website user numbers were largely driven by ALPA’s public campaigns for support of our Calls to Action and our Ready for Takeoff initiative. Webpage views are ranked by unique pageviews, which means the number of total users who visited that page throughout the year.

ALPA's Ready for Takeoff initiative: 330,065 engagements in our public campaign

Popular Pages

  1. COVID-19 Calls to Action Advocacy Page (124,798)
  2. Ready for Takeoff (50,428)
  3. Coronavirus Resources (30,929)
  4. Password Help (29,812)
  5. ALPA Insurance (23,569)

Most-Viewed Air Line Pilot Magazine Articles

  1. Preparing Your 2019 Taxes (13,419)
  2. 10th Annual Pilot Photography Issue (7,334)
  3. Kalitta Air’s Role in 9/11 Recovery (4,215)
  4. Pilot Training During a Pandemic (3,519)

Best of Social Media

  • Most-Watched Instagram Story: As part of ALPA’s #WhyIFly campaign, ALPA member @pilot_pete shared a story on Instagram that received an astounding 2.1 million impressions!

Top 5 Instagram

From @we_are_alpa

  1. We Remember the Heroes of 9/11 (view)
  2. Capt. Emily Warner Flies West (view)
  3. Ten-year Anniversary of Union Pilot Strike (view)
  4. We Stand Together in Solidarity (view)
  5. Save U.S. Airline Jobs (view)

From @alpacanada

  1. Union Solidarity to Save Canadian Aviation Jobs (view)
  2. Petition to Support Canada’s Aviation Sector (view)
  3. ALPA Canada President Tim Perry Calls on Government to Assist Workers (view)
  4. Pilots Join Forces to #SaveCanadianAviation (view)
  5. Rally for National Aviation Recovery Strategy (view)

Thanks for reading—and clicking!

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