Celebrating 86 Years of Safe Flying

As ALPA celebrates its 86th anniversary, we reflect on the strides we’ve made to improve the safety of aviation in the United States, Canada and around the globe. Our dedicated members are always seeking to enhance and maintain the safety of our skies.

In 2010, we made significant progress when the U.S. Congress passed more robust pilot training and qualifications requirements. Thanks to these higher pilot training standards, the U.S. has enjoyed the longest period in aviation history without an accident.

Now, the progress we’ve made to #KeepFlyingSafe is under attack, as profit-minded special-interest groups try to weaken pilot training and qualification requirements so pilots can be hired at lower costs. To do so would put pilots, passengers and precious cargo at risk, trading safety for profits.

After 86 years of relentlessly working to improve the safety of U.S. aviation, ALPA won’t back down. We must push to #KeepFlyingSafe, and we need your help. Please take action now and message your legislator. Tell your Member of Congress to maintain the current minimum pilot training requirements—that you want and deserve safe air transportation across the United States, including in rural and smaller communities.

We’ve worked too hard over the past 86 years to let the safety diminish. Please take action and join the effort to #KeepFlyingSafe. 

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