10th Annual Pilot Photography Issue

In the beginning of an airline pilot’s career, it’s hard to know that your love of flying will have enormous industrial implications. You’re a part of the largest economic drivers in the United States and Canada, safely transporting passengers and cargo every hour of every day. You’re a part of search-and-recovery efforts when natural disasters bring devastation to different parts of the world. And today, you’re a part of an essential air transportation system that’s thrust airline pilots onto the front lines delivering health-care workers and needed medical supplies to hot spots across the world. Now, you are an essential part of the COVID-19 vaccine transportation and distribution chain that will slowly bring about global stability. It might not be what you signed up for, but it’s a responsibility all airline pilots shoulder and accept.

And while all the changing responsibilities become commonplace, the awe-inspiring grandeur of Earth’s majestic beauty and the close-up view of the complex world of airline operations never do. Your submissions for this annual photography issue demonstrate that your love of flying remains unchanged.

Enjoy some of Air Line Pilot’s favorite photos that showcase your truly fascinating, one-of-a-kind perspective.

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(All selected photos adhere to FARs and CARs.)

This article was originally published in the December 2020 issue of Air Line Pilot.

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