Protect Our Profession and Industry from the Pandemic: Add Your Voice

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our industry and our profession, ALPA is working to ensure that the U.S. and Canadian governments enact protections for aviation workers. We have achieved some legislative victories already (read about them), but more must be done. Please join us in completing the Calls to Action below, and check back here regularly for new actions.

Tell Congress to Extend the Payroll Support Program

Congress needs to hear from you now! Congress failed to act before the October 1 deadline, and as a result, tens of thousands of pilots, flight attendants and other aviation workers were furloughed. Congress still needs to hear from us and realize the impact to our lives and to our industry that their inaction has caused. Join us in asking Congress to support a clean extension of the Payroll Support Program through March 31, 2021, not just to bolster our industry and save pilot jobs, but also to support our nation’s economic recovery.

And if you haven't already done so, make sure complete our letter-writing Call to Action as well. Then take it a step further with our #WhyIFly social media campaign. Learn more>>

Protect Pilot Jobs Through Bankruptcy Reform

Congress can take a critical step toward worker protections now with the Protecting Employees and Retirees in Business Bankruptcies Act of 2020. If enacted, this legislation would prohibit businesses from altering employee collective bargaining agreements through the bankruptcy process that has for far too long been a golden parachute for executives when companies fail. 
The Protecting Employees and Retirees in Business Bankruptcies Act restores equity to the bankruptcy code by prioritizing collective bargaining and shared sacrifice over one-sided and exploitative corporate behavior. Engage with your Members of Congress today and ask your friends and family to join us!

COVID-19 Health and Safety "Guidelines" Must Be Mandatory for Airlines 

Pilots and other aviation industry workers are essential employees performing critical work during this unprecedented time, but many U.S. airlines are not following health and safety guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Federal Aviation Administration. This puts the health of not just aviation workers, but also the general public at risk. Please join our call to action and tell Congress to make the FAA do its job by mandating that airlines follow these necessary health guidelines.

Canada Call to Action

Petition to the Government of Canada: Add Your Name

ALPA Canada has engaged the federal government to communicate ALPA’s priorities, and Member of Parliament Todd Doherty has sponsored our petition in Parliament. The petition is now open for residents of Canada to sign until October 28, 2020. 

The petition makes three demands:

  1. Implement an aviation-specific financial sustainability program with strong labour protections that provides direct support to airlines that have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic;
  2. Lead and implement a national aviation strategy in relation to the recovery of the airline industry from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the stabilization and continued viability of the aviation sector in Canada; and
  3. Implement a sustainable approach to safe border controls that uses a dynamic, rigorous approach to ensure the border measures match the risk profile of the countries from which the travelers are arriving.

Our Jobs, Our Future—Act Now!

Lend your voice in calling on the Prime Minister and his government to support the aviation sector and the thousands of Canadians it employs. Tell our elected officials that the aviation industry needs help now and is worth supporting.