Protect Our Profession and Industry from the Pandemic: Add Your Voice

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our industry and our profession, ALPA is working to ensure that the U.S. and Canadian governments enact protections for aviation workers. We have achieved some legislative victories already (read about them), but the landscape ahead is still challenging. Please check back here regularly for new actions.

Lend Your Voice to Help Members in Canada

ALPA members in Canada remain in limbo waiting for targeted industry assistance with specific labor protections from the Canadian government, and we’re asking U.S. pilots to join the fight. ALPA Canada’s position to the government on how to help the industry weather the storm has remained consistent—offer financial support for the industry with a strong focus on workers, adopt sensible testing and quarantine measures, and engage with all stakeholders to ensure a strong, stable industry exists now and as we emerge from the pandemic. Tweet now to #SaveCanadianAviation!

Canada Call to Action

Write to Your Member of Parliament

We are increasing the volume in our call on the government to #SaveCanadianAviation. In this new Call to Action, we are asking you to send a letter directly to your local Member of Parliament.

Participation is easy. We have provided a letter, which you can send as is or add your own words. 


Keep Up the Fight to #SaveCanadianAviation

The jobs of more than 140,000 aviation workers and the nation’s economic recovery are in jeopardy. Please add your voice to make sure our message is heard loud and clear by your member of Parliament, the prime minister, and the ministers of finance and of transport: Canada’s aviation industry is worth supporting and needs assistance now!

Even if you’ve tweeted before, join this new Call to Action to keep up the pressure!