By the Numbers: Best of ALPA Communications 2022

Finally putting the pandemic in the rearview, 2022 was a year of rapid growth for our union as pilot hiring numbers took off and operations generally returned to normalcy. When outside threats to air safety such as telecommunications signals in the 5G C-Band and attempts to raise the retirement age arose, we responded with new resources for members and Calls to Action. And by the end of the year, we added roughly 5,000 new members to our ranks.

The following numbers show the reach of ALPA’s communications efforts from advancing membership resources and services to public outreach on issues affecting the profession.


ALPA’s weekly newsletter is members’ most reliable information source, and issues affecting the profession topped the list of most-clicked articles in 2022.

  1. Call to Action: Fix Known Crewmember: 20,505 unique clicks
  2. 12 Tips for Taking Your Medical Exam: 6,775
  3. Call to Action: Oppose Attempts to Raise Retirement Age: 5,653
  4. Preparing Your 2021 Taxes: 4,557
  5. Mesa Pilots Achieve Industry-Leading Pay Rates: 3,209


Total page views on 1,979,175

This staggering number is a 25 percent increase from 2021. The year began with a focus on the launch of 5G signals near airports, and our member-resource page for related news and operational updates came in at #4 on the top-viewed pages of 2022. Other top items highlight specific member resources and content. Webpage views are ranked by unique page views, which means the number of users who visited that page throughout the year.

Popular Pages

  1. News Room: 28,843
  2. ALPA Insurance: 28,746 
  3. Members Home: 18,601
  4. Aircraft Operations and Radar Altimeter Interference from 5G: 18,416
  5. eLibrary: 18,203

Most-Viewed Air Line Pilot Magazine Articles

  1. 12 Tips for Taking Your Medical Exam: 10,957 
  2. Preparing Your 2021 Taxes: 9,818
  3. Spirit Pilot Finds Her Birth Family and Her Flying Roots: 2,674
  4. The Facts About Pilot Supply: 2,658
  5. More than 1,500 Alaska Pilots Engage in All-Base Informational Picket: 2,500


Building on the progress of the ALPA app redesign and the launch of Flight Finder in 2021, 2022 saw members taking advantage of the easy access to these most-used services:

  • Flight Finder: With a total of 2,772,736 flight searches since its launch in January 2021, users conducted 1,616,307 jumpseat flight searches in 2022. And those numbers keep rising—December 2022 saw the highest monthly total to date with 196,985 searches.
  • Data Action Report (DART): After adding 6 new MECs in 2022, the program is now available in full to 20 pilot groups and to all pilot groups for targeted safety reporting. Members submitted nearly 35,000 DARTs last year, with the most popular categories being Scheduling, Contract Administration, Compensation, Hotel, and Grievance.


Social Media


  • 2022 saw a 362% increase in followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, with LinkedIn seeing the greatest growth with 8.3k new followers—a 1,660% increase.
  • Those same four channels produced 443,000 engagements; Facebook alone was responsible for 64% of those.
  • Social media videos across all channels were viewed over 770,000 times, with half of those views coming from Instagram.

Popular Posts

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