ALPA Issues Pilots’ Safety, Security and Labour Priorities for Canada

Last week, ALPA published a white paper outlining top policy priorities for ensuring that Canada’s airline industry maintains the highest safety and security standards while continuing to enhance efficiency, contribute to the national economy, and provide jobs for Canadian workers.

The white paper, titled “State of Our Skies Canada,” detailed several key policy recommendations that will assist in promoting aviation safety and security, as well as fostering careers for Canadian workers, now and in the future.

After Canada’s recent election, the new government voiced its commitment to strengthen the transportation system and its contribution to the Canadian economy, promote safety in transportation, expand open-data initiatives, and protect the environment - all long-held ALPA priorities. State of Our Skies Canada highlights several key opportunities for the Canadian government to adopt policies and regulations that will help advance an economically strong Canadian airline industry.

ALPA urges the Canadian government, in consultation with industry stakeholders and labour representatives, to create a comprehensive national aviation strategy. Such a strategy must reflect a long-term outlook but also be flexible enough to respond swiftly to the ever-changing dynamics of the airline industry.

Only with such a comprehensive, forward-looking strategy will the many issues affecting Canadian pilots and the Canadian airline industry be addressed to enhance Canada’s air transportation system for passengers and cargo shippers now and in the future. 

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