ALPA Hosts Symposium in Ottawa This Week on State of Canadian Air Transport

On April 29, ALPA will host a discussion in Ottawa on the state of air transport in Canada as part of its Air Safety Organization’s one-day symposium series. Industry experts will gather to discuss the need for real policy change within Canada’s air transport system and how to advance several key issues impacting Canadian aviation. 

On panels throughout the day, stakeholders will focus on the value of competition and why the Canadian government must adopt policies and regulations that favor its industry, how to adopt a risk-based approach to security screening of airline pilots, and how to improve airline safety and service. 

ALPA president Capt. Tim Canoll, first vice president and national safety coordinator Capt. Joe DePete, and ALPA Canada Board president Capt. Dan Adamus will be joined by government and industry leaders to discuss ways to advance a safe and competitive airline industry in the global economy.

ALPA looks forward to continuing our work with key stakeholders to promote Canadian air transportation. We are proud of our role in helping to shape this industry and will continue to call for the real change necessary for Canadian airlines and their workers to maintain the highest standards of safety while thriving in the global marketplace.

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