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Every November 11, we take a day to remember the service and sacrifice of our veterans and their families in the United States and Canada. It is because of their sacrifice and dedication that we are able to enjoy the safety and security of our freedoms here at home. 

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Every year, on the last Monday before May 25, Canada celebrates Victoria Day. Originally commemorating Queen Victoria’s birthday, this holiday is only celebrated in two countries around the world—Canada and Scotland. To most Canadians, Victoria Day – lovingly referred to as the “May 2-4”, signals the start of summer.

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Canadian airline pilots have some of the longest shifts in the world. Despite ALPA’s continued efforts to update Canada’s outdated flight/duty time rule, the country’s pilots are often required to be alert for more than 14 hours, which can be extended to 17 hours in the event of weather or mechanical delays, putting them at greater risk for accidents and safety incidents due to fatigue.

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From all of us at ALPA International, to all our friends, members, and staff in Canada: Happy Thanksgiving! This weekend, we join our Canadian colleagues and reflect on how and why we are so fortunate to be part of the incredible aviation community. 

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As we celebrate Independence Day and Canada Day, the U.S. Department of Transportation has taken a strong stand in defending a fair marketplace for U.S. airlines and their workers by denying Norwegian Air UK’s (NAUK) foreign air carrier permit exemption application.

NAUK’s employment structure for its pilots and flight attendants is unclear as is its potential effects on U.S. jobs and the international airline industry.

The United States and Canada must continue to enforce their international aviation trade policies to make certain that foreign airlines’ business plans will not threaten fair competition in the future.

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