All-Cargo Pilots Help Wrap-Up the Holidays

By Capt. Tim Canoll, ALPA president

It’s no surprise that, as many of us check the calendar this week for last-minute holiday shipping deadlines, the pilots who fly cargo in the United States and Canada are experiencing their busiest time of the year. With many more of us buying gifts for family and friends online, pilots who fly cargo will transport hundreds of millions of packages across our two countries and around the globe in the coming days.

While holiday shoppers may not connect with the all-cargo pilots who transport their packages in the way they do with the pilots who fly them as passengers, all-cargo pilots operate the same equipment, fly the same routes, and serve the same airports. It’s for these reasons that ALPA has long advocated for one level of safety for all airline pilots, regardless of whether they carry passengers or parcels in their plane. From safeguarding the air shipment of lithium batteries to ensuring all-cargo pilots receive adequate rest, ALPA is a staunch advocate for the issues that matter most to pilots who fly freight.

So, as you scramble to get that last-minute gift to your local shipper, remember the pilots who fly cargo and who help make sure your gift is present for the holidays.

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