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When it comes to our nation’s airspace, there are really only two end-users of this valuable resource—pilots and air traffic controllers. Each day, these professionals work collaboratively to ensure that millions of passengers and thousands of tons of cargo move safety and efficiently through North America’s airspace. 

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By Capt. Tim Canoll

As ALPA ushers in a New Year, we take a moment to reflect on the achievements of the past year and renew our energy and commitment to realizing our union’s vision for the piloting profession and the North American airline industry. This year marks ALPA’s 85th anniversary. The knowledge and resources forged from eight decades of experience give us the strength and credibility to remain the most influential and respected voice in aviation and to pursue the highest standards of safety, security, and pilot assistance.

In the coming year, our union will do even more to build on decades of work to support our members in every way possible as many pilot groups begin or continue the hard work of negotiating collective bargaining agreements. We'll also keep watch in the year ahead for opportunities to advance labor as a whole.

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ALPA pilots were on Capitol Hill this week as the U.S. federal government took steps to avert a shutdown and Congress extended the current authorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) until March 31, 2016.

It is indeed good news that the FAA’s authorization has been extended, but this week’s temporary fix is just the latest example of Congress’s long history of stop-and-start funding for the agency. While erratic reauthorization has made it challenging for the FAA to implement necessary safety and air traffic system upgrades, the progress made during its most recent three-year reauthorization offers a taste of the advancement that stable funding makes possible. For example, over the last three years, the FAA made significant strides in air traffic flow and coordination through en route automation modernization (ERAM) and gained safety, environmental, and efficiency benefits through a number of NextGen initiatives such as ADS-B and performance-based navigation implementation.

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In a May 20 speech before the International Aviation Club of Washington, D.C., I affirmed our union’s determined call for North American government leaders and lawmakers to advance the U.S. airline industry and its workers by safeguarding fair competition in the global marketplace and fostering air transportation modernization by passing a clean Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization.

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