Happy New Year

By Capt. Tim Canoll

As ALPA ushers in a New Year, we take a moment to reflect on the achievements of the past year and renew our energy and commitment to realizing our union’s vision for the piloting profession and the North American airline industry. This year marks ALPA’s 85th anniversary. The knowledge and resources forged from eight decades of experience give us the strength and credibility to remain the most influential and respected voice in aviation and to pursue the highest standards of safety, security, and pilot assistance.

In the coming year, our union will do even more to build on decades of work to support our members in every way possible as many pilot groups begin or continue the hard work of negotiating collective bargaining agreements. We'll also keep watch in the year ahead for opportunities to advance labor as a whole. 

As the world's largest nongovernmental aviation safety organization, ALPA will continue to push for a FAA reauthorization that advances aviation safety and helps implement NextGen as well as ensure that pilot training and qualification regulations remain solidly in place.  We will also stay the course in pressing for important safety regulations for small unmanned aircraft system (UAS), including owner registration at the point of sale and a mandate that requires geo-fencing and the installation of collision-avoidance capabilities on devices that have the capability to stray into the national airspace. 

In 2016, we renew our commitment to promote, defend, and advance the interests of our members in the United States and Canada, and will redouble our efforts with the new Canadian government in pushing forward our members’ goals of new, science-based flight- and duty-time regulations.

The issues that drive our determination are ever-changing, and it is our strong foundation that enables us to continue to adapt and respond effectively. For 85 years, ALPA members have supported each other in unity to innovate, collaborate, and advance in every aspect of North American aviation––yielding tremendous results for our industry and our profession. This new year presents a new opportunity for ALPA and our industry to grow and prosper and, in 2016, we will do our best work yet.

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