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Tis the season for gift giving, family dinners, and ugly neckties and sweaters . . . and let’s not forget the outdoor light displays! High-tech light and laser displays are increasingly popular and accessible, and our senses (and sensibilities) are bombarded with dazzling displays of light coordinated with the Die Hard soundtrack (yes, it’s a Christmas movie). But did you know that these high-tech displays put airline pilots (with your family and packages on board) in danger? 

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This week, Canada’s transportation regulatory agency, Transport Canada, launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of the dangers associated with shining a laser at an aircraft. Transport Minister Marc Garneau introduced the “Not a Bright Idea” campaign on Tuesday at a press conference in Toronto

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By. Tim Canoll, ALPA President

Whether received as a holiday gift, used for stargazing on clear winter nights, or featured in festive light displays, lasers have been in the news—and so has ALPA’s plan for safeguarding airline pilots from laser strikes.

ALPA, in partnership with the FAA and FBI, helped launch a laser strike awareness campaign which was rolled out in major cities around the United States last year. Unfortunately, laser strikes on aircraft have continued to increase at record pace. In response to this growing issue, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) recently called on federal agencies to collaborate efforts to put an end to this crime.

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