Is Your Holiday Light Show a Danger to Our Safe Skies?

 Tis the season for gift giving, family dinners, and ugly neckties and sweaters . . . and let’s not forget the outdoor light displays! High-tech light and laser displays are increasingly popular and accessible, and our senses (and sensibilities) are bombarded with dazzling displays of light coordinated with the Die Hard soundtrack (yes, it’s a Christmas movie). But did you know that these high-tech displays put airline pilots (with your family and packages on board) in danger? 


Your holiday light show might be lighting up more than just your neighborhood. Extremely focused laser beams can cause a “laser strike” that lights up the inside of an airplane cockpit. This can cause temporary blindness for pilots, which puts the flight in danger, and can even harm a pilot’s vision. The Federal Aviation Administration says “If you’re going to install a holiday laser-light system, please make sure the lights are hitting your house and not shining up into the sky. It may not look like the lights go much farther than your house, but the extremely concentrated beams of laser lights actually reach much further than most people think.”


We’re not trying to be the Grinch—we love holiday displays and encourage you to spread your good tidings and cheer. All we ask is that you keep your lights and lasers pointed at your house and not the sky, and we’ll make sure your family and friends (and all those online orders) arrive safe and secure.

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