Continuing ALPA’s Long Tradition of Connection with the Armed Forces

Since its beginnings, the U.S. airline industry has been inextricably linked with the U.S. Armed Forces. Many of ALPA’s founders and early members, including Capt. David Behncke, ALPA’s first president, were themselves commissioned military officers, and continued to hold those commissions even while flying the line. And today, many ALPA members continue the tradition of former military pilots transitioning to civilian airlines.

As we celebrate Veterans Day in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada, we remember all who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces and remember the sacrifice of those who died in service to Canada. It is in this tradition of remembrance and gratitude that ALPA’s Veterans Affairs Subcommittee conducts its critical work to ensure the connection between the military and ALPA remains strong and robust.

Read the latest column from ALPA’s Veterans Affairs Subcommittee chair, Capt. Richard Corbett (JetBlue), about the work of the subcommittee and ALPA’s and the airline industry’s long-standing and unique relationship with the U.S. Armed Forces.

Click here to read the column.

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