ALPA Remembers and Thanks Our Veterans

Every November 11, we take a day to remember the service and sacrifice of our veterans and their families in the United States and Canada. It is because of their sacrifice and dedication that we are able to enjoy the safety and security of our freedoms here at home. 


The airline industry is strongly connected with the military. Many of our ALPA pilots learned to fly while serving in the armed forces. Because ALPA knows the value of our veterans and the incredible training and skills they bring to the cockpit, ALPA supports the U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Forces to Flyers” initiative, which promotes the piloting profession to veterans after their service. 


There’s also legislation in Congress called the “American Aviator Act” (S. 3322), co-sponsored by Sens. Tammy Baldwin and John Hoeven, which seeks to formally establish a program to provide flight training to veterans. ALPA wants to make sure that our veterans, who have worked hard to be the best in the world, can bring their training and skills into the cockpit to keep our skies the safest in the world. 


So again, we extend our deepest gratitude to the brave servicemen and servicewomen who have helped defend the United States and Canada from all threats, foreign and domestic. 

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