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May is National Photography Month and an opportunity to showcase ALPA pilots’ best photographs of the Northern Lights, snow-capped mountains, sunsets, and other awe-inspiring views of nature. From the moment the Wright brothers first took off, there have been photos documenting the glory of flight, and ALPA pilots continue the tradition today.

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While many of us will travel by air during the holidays, this time of year also marks the busiest season for sending packages. Many gift givers not only ship packages, but also bring gifts on board flights. If not disclosed and handled properly, lithium batteries and other hazardous materials such as food packed in dry ice or flammable liquids can present a serious risk.

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In the tech community, the term “crowdsourcing” refers to using resources generated from a wide range of individuals via the Internet. The crowdsourcing trend emerged around 2005 and since then, one of the most successful examples to date has been the traffic app Waze. By allowing users to report local traffic conditions and current road closures, Waze is able to use that real-time community feedback in order to provide better directions. 

While this term maybe fairly recent, the concept of using member feedback in order to modify routes has been around for decades in the pilot community. “Pilot Reports,” better known as PIREPS, are weather reports issued directly by pilots based on their first-hand experience with current weather conditions while in flight. 

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ALPA’s Economic & Financial Analysis Department recently released information detailing the State of the North American Passenger Airline Industry. Read the full report to find out where the industry is now and where it may be headed over the next few years.

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In the mid 2000s, Airbus rolls out its A380 “Superjumbo,” a massive double-decker widebody that includes cockpit avionics and controls that feature full-size keyboards and wireless Ethernet connectivity.

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