A Pilot’s View: Celebrate #NationalPhotographyMonth with These Can’t-Miss Photos from the Cockpit

May is National Photography Month and an opportunity to showcase ALPA pilots’ best photographs of the Northern Lights, snow-capped mountains, sunsets, and other awe-inspiring views of nature. From the moment the Wright brothers first took off, there have been photos documenting the glory of flight, and ALPA pilots continue the tradition today.

While ALPA pilots keep passengers, crews, and cargo safe in the skies day and night, some also have a talent and passion for photography. Check out a gallery of our favorite photo submissions—and our pilots’ best “office” views—as seen in our eighth annual photography issue of Air Line Pilot (all selected photos adhere to FARS and CARS).

Pilot Photography 2018


Are you an ALPA pilot with a knack for photography? E-mail Communications@alpa.org with your photo, and we may publish it in our next photography issue. All photos must adhere to FARS and CARS.

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