Dental Plans for ALPA Members and their Families: Now Open All Year Round

The National R&I Committee and the ALPA Pilot Welfare Benefit Plan (“Plan”) offer two dental plan options tailored especially for eligible active and retired ALPA members. Coverage is through Delta Dental Insurance Company, one of the largest, most innovative, dental benefits carriers in the United States.

We offer these plans to pilots who do not have access to other dental coverage or as an option for pilots who have inadequate employer-sponsored coverage or do not receive a company subsidy toward the cost. Pilots who may be considering an ALPA plan in addition to other dental coverage should fully understand how the two plans will coordinate benefits before enrolling in an ALPA plan. Please see the FAQ for more information on coordination of benefits.

Enrollment is open anytime throughout the year. However, rates are subject to an annual renewal date of January 1. There is also a 12- month waiting period on all major services for all new enrollments.

ALPA Plan Features

  • The Basic Plan offers diagnostic, preventive, and restorative services with low premiums.
  • The Comprehensive Plan has higher benefit maximums and coinsurance with additional covered services including orthodontics.
  • NEW POLICIES will have a standard 12-month waiting period on major (crowns, inlays, onlays, and cast restorations) and prosthodontic services (bridges, dentures, and implants). During the waiting period, no benefits will be paid for major and prosthodontic services.
  • Children are covered until the end of the year in which they attain age 26.
  • No preexisting conditions limitations apply.
  • Wellness benefits include expectant mothers covered for an extra evaluation and cleaning or periodontal scaling/root planning procedure. 

Monthly Rates (Effective Jan. 1, 2020)

  • Member: $48.22 Basic; $58.28 Comprehensive
  • Member & Spouse: $85.86 Basic; $109.07 Comprehensive
  • Member & Child(ren): $94.89 Basic; $105.87 Comprehensive
  • Member & Family: $138.36 Basic; $163.01 Comprehensive

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About Delta Dental

As an industry leader with more than 55 years of dedication to dental benefits, Delta Dental delivers affordable, easy-to-use plans that feature exceptional access to quality care.

  • Largest Network. The Delta Dental Plan Association has the largest network in the United States with participating dentists at over 324,000 locations.
  • Savings. Under your Delta Dental plan, you can visit any licensed dentist, but you will maximize your plan value by taking advantage of our large PPO network. Find a dentist at
  • Regular cleanings. Keep your smile bright and catch problems before more costly services are necessary. The ALPA plans make preventive care affordable.
  • Access Online Services. Access plan information online any time including benefits, eligibility, claims status, and ID cards.

If you have additional questions about the Delta Dental insurance plan, please call an ALPA Member Insurance representative at (800) 746-2572.