Pilots, Join the Fight: #WhyIDenyNAI

As we await the DOT’s critical final ruling on NAI’s application for a foreign air carrier permit, ALPA pilots are teaming up and taking action with a new campaign to urge U.S. government officials to DenyNAI. The campaign, #WhyIDenyNAI, will feature photos and videos explaining why pilots DenyNAI on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This newly-launched #WhyIDenyNAI campaign will serve as a strong voice for pilots who are concerned with the detrimental effects of NAI on U.S. jobs and American aviation workers.

Pilots: we need your help! Join the fight by sending us your photo or video to DenyNAI@alpa.org explaining why you deny NAI, and we’ll post approved photos/videos on ALPA’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages using the hashtag #WhyIDenyNAI. Need creative assistance? ALPA has created printables for download to include in your photo or video (download in color or black and white) or write-in your own (in color or black and white).

The negative effects of flags-of-convenience like NAI are many. We have seen the end of this game play out in the maritime industry where U.S. seafarers have lost almost 100,000 jobs since this business model was introduced. U.S. pilot jobs are at risk and we must fight back! Whatever your reason to #DenyNAI, you can make a difference by participating in this campaign. Please join us in protecting the future of the aviation industry worldwide. Don’t just wait for a decision to be made. 

Join the fight, make a difference, and defend your career!  

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