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Capt. Nick Esposito (United) saw his house directly hit by Hurricane Matthew, with 100-knot-plus winds, inundating rains, and an 8- to 12-foot storm surge. Flooding, significant tree loss, and driving rain significantly damaged his house and disrupted his family’s lives for more than six months.

When you donate to the Pilots for Pilots (P4P) Fund, you're helping your fellow ALPA members and their families. As part of this summer’s 717 Club donation campaign, ALPA reached out to seven of the pilots who have received grants from P4P in the recent past to share their stories; below is the first. Click here to donate today and make sure the next pilot who needs help gets it. Remember, we're all just a disaster away from needing P4P.

Capt. Bob Schneberger (US Airways, Ret.) remembers when he first laid eyes on the 1934 Stinson Reliant SR-5A in the summer of 2013 at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh fly-in and convention.

The former Eastern, Trump Shuttle, and US Airways pilot immediately fell in love with the airplane and introduced himself to the Stinson owner, Keith Swalheim, to inquire about purchasing the airplane. As a result, Schneberger became the next in a long line of the airplane’s titleholders.

As the largest airline pilot union in the world, ALPA is uniquely committed to safety, in large part because of our founding members' determination to build safety into the core structure of the Association. For more than 85 years, generations of airline pilot representatives have maintained the integrity of ALPA’s motto, “Schedule with Safety”. 


There must have been a little jet fuel in my baby bottle," said Envoy Air Capt. Kristin Rice. Rice grew up immersed in aviation. Her father and both of her grandfathers were seasoned pilots. She remembers watching planes take off during summers spent at Bourland Field, an airpark developed by her grandfather, Dick Bourland, outside of Fort Worth, Texas. 



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