Taking to the Hill to Tell Congress to Keep Flying Safe for Millions of Passengers and Crew

On June 5, nearly 200 ALPA members from 38 states conducted hundreds of meetings with members of Congress to press these decision makers to support pilot-partisan issues. This boots-on-the-ground effort known as “Hill Day” wrapped up ALPA’s seventh annual Legislative Summit on Capitol Hill.

 Armed with the knowledge from two days of training at the summit, pilots met with their legislators to discuss three critical issues:

  1. Flags of convenience and atypical business models,
  2. The implementation of secondary barriers, and
  3. “One Level of Security” for all-cargo operations.

Members were encouraged to share their experiences on social media, which resulted in reaching more than 2 million people across our networks. To catch up on the action from last week, search Twitter for #OpenSkies and #ALPA2019Summit. Plus, check out our photo gallery to see our advocates on the Hill keeping the skies safe for our millions of passengers and crew. Stay tuned to see what our pilot partisans are up to next!

Legislative Summit 2019
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