Pilots Push Congress to Protect U.S. Airlines and Employees from Unfair Competition, Security Threats

Pilots are keeping pressure on members of Congress during this frenetic legislative period to ensure ALPA’s pilot-partisan agenda stays top of mind. The Association has several key agenda items in front of Congress to protect ALPA members from a variety of threats, including foreign business practices that threaten fair competition and security issues related to flightdeck doors on both passenger and cargo aircraft.

Pilots from United and Delta recently took to the Hill to brief members of Congress and their staff on why the Fair and Open Skies Act (H.R. 3095) is needed to protect U.S. airlines and their employees. H.R. 3905 would protect U.S. pilot jobs by ensuring that foreign airlines that use unfair business practices (like flags of convenience) and seek a permit to fly to the United States are not allowed to do so.

ALPA’s efforts continue to yield new cosponsors for this important legislation, and you can help. Join this call to Action to send a letter to your member of Congress today to make it clear that ALPA pilots are united against unfair competition.

Stop Unfair Competition


ALPA members are also sharing with Congress their direct experience on why additional security measures like primary and secondary barriers are critical to safe air travel, especially with the uptick in unruly passenger incidents and ongoing unrest around the globe. We continue to push for one level of safety in the skies, and the newly introduced Cargo Flight Deck Security Act of 2021 (H.R. 4598) closes gaps in aviation safety and security by mandating hardened flight deck doors—known as intrusion resistant cockpit doors—on all-cargo airliners. Meanwhile, H.R./S. 911 is bipartisan legislation to require secondary barriers on all passenger airliners, not just newly manufactured aircraft. Please join our Calls to Action to secure the flight deck now.

Secure the Cargo Flight Deck


Secure the Passenger Flight Deck

ALPA’s Government Affairs chairs are urging all U.S. ALPA members to join these efforts by participating in the Calls to Action linked above. Adding your name will amplify our important pilot-partisan messages directly to your federal elected representatives. It is not too late to add your voice, and after you do, share this with your friends and family and ask them to add their support!


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