Why Should You Thank Your ALPA Pilot? Here Are 8 Reasons.

  1. ALPA pilots safely transport and deliver people and goods 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    We are instrumental in getting you to your destination efficiently—and safely. No matter who you are (even a pardoned U.S. turkey!) or where you’re going, you can count on your pilot to get you there.

  2.  Your safety is our priority.
    Piloting doesn’t stop at the flight deck. We work constantly to improve training and operational performance to keep travel safe and on-time.

  3. ALPA pilots inspire the future of aviation.
    We donate time and knowledge in the communities in which we live and work to inspire the next generation of airline pilots. We even share our wings to motivate kids interested in aviation.

  4. We are committed to giving back.
    Knowing just how big the world can be, we invest in our local communities to make a difference wherever we can. We spark joy around the country through our involvement with nonprofit organizations like Honor Flight Network, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Pilots For Kids, and Fantasy Flight

  5. ALPA pilots honor the military and our fallen heroes.
    We fly military members back home after deployment to reconnect friends and families. Further, we serve as honor guard to our fallen heroes, showing our respect and admiration for those who gave all.

  6.  ALPA pilots share the world as we see it.
    We have the best office view, gazing from 30,000 feet above ground. We know the beauty our earth holds and share its magnificence through stunning imagery. 

  7. ALPA pilots advance safety issues to #KeepFlyingSafe.
    We act on important advocacy issues to enhance the aviation industry and the pilot profession. We are active on Capitol Hill and Parliament Hill, consistently furthering legislation that prioritizes public safety.

  8. ALPA pilots answer the call when Mother Nature strikes.
    Natural disasters can strike anywhere at any time. We are often the first in line to bring food, water, supplies, and necessary personnel to those who need it most.


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