Pilots Working to Mitigate Effects of Bird Strikes

This week, aviation safety experts throughout North America are gathering for the American Association of Airport Executives’ 2019 North American Bird Strike conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As a long-standing advocate for reducing the number and severity of bird strikes, ALPA safety representatives joined other industry stakeholders to share information on ways to reduce wildlife hazards and promote awareness on advancements in detection and warning technologies.

Each day, the Association’s safety representatives work with individual airports through ALPA’s Airport Safety Liaison program to give managers and officials the line pilot’s perspective on ways to improve wildlife-mitigation programs. However, while numerous prevention practices are at work, bird strikes still occur. And when one does happen, a report is normally filled out, and what remains of the struck bird is gathered by ground crews and mailed away for expert analysis. Find out what else happens after a bird strike here.

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