On Saint Patrick’s Day, and Every Day: We’re Lucky to Have Our Pilots

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! As the world’s largest airline pilot union, ALPA represents and advocates for some of the best pilots in the skies. To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, we’re bringing you five reasons why we feel especially lucky to represent our pilots.

  1. Our pilots are dedicated to ushering in the next generation of aviation. Many serve on ALPA’s Education Committee, which works to bridge the gap between industry and academics by publicly promoting the piloting profession at community events like this weekend’s Women in Aviation and Space event.
  2. Our pilots are active in achieving and maintaining excellence in the aviation industry. ALPA-represented pilots get involved in efforts to drive the change necessary to protect the airline industry, such as urging the administration to protect 1.2 million American jobs
  3. Our pilots are committed to high standards of aviation safety. ALPA’s pilots continue to show their proactive dedication to maintaining the safety of the airline industry. On March 29, that dedication will be on display at ALPA’s Aviation Security Conference, where numerous pilot volunteers will engage in meaningful discussions with government and industry partners on ways to help secure our skies. 
  4. Our pilots are bonded together by a strong sense of camaraderie. Strangers have been united in friendship by the mere presence of an ALPA pin. Read one such story
  5. Our pilots care deeply about cultivating rewarding careers for themselves and their peers. From attending interview workshops to speaking on panels about how to land your dream job, our pilots stop at nothing to achieve their career dreams. Find out about upcoming interview workshops that are FREE to all ALPA pilots. 

Yes, this Saint Patrick’s Day we’re feeling lucky to be working for such an amazing group of pilots. Yet we know the success of our pilots has very little to do with luck, and everything to do with the hard work, commitment, and passion of those who wear the ALPA pin. Thank you, pilots—for everything you do. Today and every day, we salute you!

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