Celebrating Workers

This weekend, both Canada and the United States recognize the importance of labor/labour in our countries.

We know how vital labor organizations are and that they are an essential bulwark against continuing efforts to erode pay and benefits and deepen the divide between employees and those who employ them. They are indeed worth celebrating.

Unions exist to fight for a better quality of life—better working conditions, a safe and secure working environment, and better wages and benefits—all of which strengthen and reinforce the foundation of our way of life.

In our democratic societies, unions provide a much-needed check on the potential for extreme income divisions within our capitalist system. Unique among institutions, unions speak out to ensure that business strategy encompasses not only growth and revenue, but also the needs of the workers.

Ultimately, our nations’ success in building a better foundation for society hinges on the engagement of every citizen. Whether it is learning the latest about local candidates running for election or volunteering to serve your union, on this Labor/Labour Day, I invite every American and Canadian worker to consider and take new action to advance our democratic way of life.

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