ALPA Statement on Wasaya Flight 127

On Friday, December 11, Wasaya Airways Flight 127 went missing north of Pickle Lake, Ontario. The Cessna 208 aircraft was operated by one pilot and was flying cargo out of Pickle Lake on its way to Wapekeka First Nation. Canadian Forces Search and Rescue teams reached the cargo aircraft late Friday night, and it is with great regret and sadness that the pilot was found unresponsive and could not be resuscitated. Our thoughts are with his family and the entire Wasaya pilot group. 

ALPA representatives from Canadian Pilot Assistance and Critical Incident Response Program (CIRP) have been on hand offering support, and are working closely with the Wasaya MEC to assist them in every step of this painful process.

Additionally, an ALPA Air Safety Organization Accident Investigation Board representative and an ALPA Engineering and Air Safety staff engineer were also dispatched immediately to Thunder Bay to participate and support the Wasaya pilots in this investigation. As with any ongoing investigation, facts are still being gathered, and we will not speculate on a cause nor will we comment directly on the accident.
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