ALPA’s Plan to Keep America Flying Safely and Fairly

Today, ALPA released a new white paper titled Keep America Flying: A Flight Plan for Safe and Fair Skies. It lays out reasoned and achievable policy solutions to enhance aviation safety and provide a strong and fair economic environment for U.S. airlines and their employees.

Safety and security topics detailed in the white paper include airline pilot supply, unmanned aircraft systems, NextGen, safe air transport of lithium batteries, secondary cockpit barriers, science-based fatigue rules for all-cargo pilots, and the Federal Flight Deck Officer program.

In addition, ALPA’s Keep America Flying flight plan underscores the need to ensure that U.S. airlines and U.S. airline workers have a fair and equal opportunity to compete in the global marketplace. Economic policy subjects discussed in the union’s white paper include flag-of-convenience and other atypical business practices, upholding the promise of Open Skies, and reforming the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

As the largest union representing airline pilots, ALPA takes extremely seriously its role and responsibility to help advance the North American airline industry and the airline piloting profession. Our union will continue to challenge regulators, lawmakers, the airlines, and our industry’s workers to strive toward achieving the highest possible safety and security standards while creating a level playing field for U.S. airlines and their workers.

Click here to read ALPA’s Keep America Flying: A Flight Plan for Safe and Fair Skies white paper.

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