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There must have been a little jet fuel in my baby bottle," said Envoy Air Capt. Kristin Rice. Rice grew up immersed in aviation. Her father and both of her grandfathers were seasoned pilots. She remembers watching planes take off during summers spent at Bourland Field, an airpark developed by her grandfather, Dick Bourland, outside of Fort Worth, Texas. 


Like father, like daughter. This saying is especially true for Spirit Airlines First Officer Stephanie Layman, who decided to follow in the contrails of her father, Jim Layman, and become a pilot halfway through college. 


First Officer Karen Lacy never even saw the glass ceiling. In fact, she flew right through it. 

Lacy made history when she was elected as an ALPA executive vice president on October 19, 2016. 


When United Airlines First Officer Bruce Benyshek first saw Fletcher Kehmeier, he knew there was something different about this 87-year-old man. As it turned out, the thing that was different about Kehmeier was an ALPA pin - the very thing that united these two strangers in brotherhood. 

February 1 marks the 20th anniversary of the merger between the Canadian Air Line Pilots Association (CALPA) and ALPA, which at the time brought 10 pilot groups and 2,700 Canadian pilots into the Association—making ALPA more than 43,000 pilots strong in 1997. 



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