Take Action this Fourth of July on Flags of Convenience

Independence Day is a time for the nation to celebrate freedom while reflecting on American values. Today, as we recognize the record number of individuals flying on this Fourth of July holiday, ALPA and its pilots continue to work hard to keep our motto, “Schedule with Safety,” front and center. Flying is the safest mode of transportation in the world thanks to our highly trained and qualified pilots, whose top priority is to keep flying safe. As part of that commitment to safety, a large group of pilots attended ALPA’s recent Legislative Summit to advocate for pilot-partisan issues in Congress.

Elected leaders heard about the threat posed by “flag of convenience” airline operations. Some foreign airlines pick “convenient” countries to base their operations in an attempt to avoid taxes, labor laws, and safety regulations—and undercut the ability of U.S. companies to compete. These airline schemes threaten U.S. jobs. While ALPA supports competition, we believe it must be fair to all parties involved.

These flag-of-convenience airlines are pushing to weaken U.S. airlines in order to advance their own industries at the expense of American interests. In the face of these challenges, ALPA pilots have presented a strong and united front in order to protect their profession and the flying public. We have made progress, but we need your help keeping U.S. pilot jobs secure. Help us fight back against these attempts to cut corners and cheat the system. The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate your First Amendment right to speak freely on what matters to your fellow pilots—and to the flying public at large.

Please take action now. Together, we can keep flying safe and American aviation strong.

Categories: Advocacy