On National Aviation Day, Let’s Work Together to #KeepFlyingSafe

Today is National Aviation Day, a national U.S. observation on the anniversary of Orville Wright’s birthday to celebrate the development of aviation. The industry has come a long way since this day was originally commemorated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939, and even more so since Wilbur Wright’s first flight attempt in 1903. 

One thing is for sure: aviation will never stop advancing. By it’s very nature, this industry was intended to soar. 

That’s why it’s important to keep moving forward, particularly when it comes to making aviation safer for both pilots and passengers. ALPA has been working relentlessly with policymakers to see that we take steps forward, not backward, in aviation safety. The U.S. is currently enjoying the safest ever period in aviation history because we have built a culture of continual analysis and improvement. Every day, we protect the advancements we’ve made and continue to make progress to #KeepFlyingSafe.

To live up to that goal, we need your help. Congress is currently reviewing aviation standards and it’s important to speak up on behalf of both passengers and pilots. By making your voice heard, you can help to make our collective voice louder. Please consider helping to #KeepFlyingSafe by messaging your legislator here.

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