Trailblazers: ALPA Salutes Amelia Earhart and Today’s Women Making Aviation History

With the 2019 International Women in Aviation Conference behind us, ALPA would like to thank Women in Aviation International and all the conference speakers for putting on such an engaging and inspiring event. It’s always encouraging to gather as we celebrate and reflect upon the many ways in which women have advanced in aviation's past, present, and into the future. We look forward to connecting again at next year’s conference!

It’s fitting that the conference fell during Women’s History Month, which is dedicated to highlighting the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. This month, we are particularly excited to pay homage to women who’ve had their heads in the clouds in a literal sense. Throughout the history of aviation, there have been countless women who set their sights on the sky and weren’t afraid to set a precedent in doing so. Perhaps one of the most notable among these great women is Amelia Earhart, who in 1928 joined a transatlantic flight as the first woman passenger. She would go on to become a national hero, and the first person to fly across both the Atlantic and the Pacific. Earhart was also the first person to ever attempt an around-the-world flight at the equator. Women who aren’t afraid to be first make way for those who are eager to be next. In honor of Amelia Earhart, we salute all women who continue to advance aviation with their trailblazing spirits.

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