On International Women’s Day, We Celebrate Women in Flight

Around the world, we join the millions coming together on International Women’s Day to celebrate the pioneers who have paved the way for women’s rights and made great strides for women in flight. ALPA’s female pilots, making up 6.6 percent of our pilot population, have made a significant impact on aviation and are vital to the success of the pilot profession.

 But how do we increase the number of women in flight?

 As we enter 2019, we’re seeing a growing number of female future aviators—they make up nearly 12 percent of current flight students. But there is more the aviation industry can do to encourage women to fulfill their dreams of flight. ALPA, now more than ever, is committed to ensuring the next generation of future aviators has the tools and pathways they need to become airline pilots.

 Thanks to ALPA’s hardworking Education Committee and its “Cleared to Dream” initiative, pilot volunteers and staff are reaching out to local communities to increase awareness of the aviation industry in two ways:

  1. Visits to universities to mentor aspiring aviators already enrolled in aviation programs, and
  2. Visits to grade schools and other community and industry events to encourage students from preschool through high school to consider a career as a professional airline pilot.

ALPA is also a proud participant in Women in Aviation, as well as Girls in Aviation Day. On March 14, ALPA female pilot volunteers will proudly join Women in Aviation at the annual International Women in Aviation Conference in Long Beach, Calif., to help connect, engage, and inspire future female aviators.

As we also honor Women’s History Month during March and celebrate the female heroes of our skies like Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart, Emily Warner, and future ALPA women in the cockpit, it’s imperative we let prospective female aviators know that the sky beckons and that we’re here to help bring them into the proud ranks of the airline piloting profession. You can do this by simply sharing your love and passion of travel with the young girls in your life, or even giving a book about flying to someone who may want to learn more. ALPA also offers a wide variety of resources for those who want to earn their wings. Let’s help them soar to new heights, including as first officers and captains.


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