Love Is Still in the Air

Cupid’s arrow can strike anywhere—even several miles above ground in the cockpit of an airplane.

This time last year, we introduced six pilot couples and learned a little bit about their relationships—their communication techniques, things they’ve learned along the way, and how they keep things fresh. Their experiences and advice will always resonate, so check out these relationship tips from professional pilot couples this Valentine’s Day:  

  1. You have to know who you are marrying because you’re gone from home so much you must trust that the other person will take care of things.
  2. There can be a lot of physical distance between you depending on where you’re laying over, so maintain good communication no matter what to keep your emotional distance close.
  3. There are always lots of good things, so try to focus on those. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the negative; happiness is a choice, choose to be happy.
  4. Having an excellent support system of family and close friends has helped us keep our relationship healthy.
  5. Things won’t change even if everyone tells you they will. They can stay great!
  6. The road is hard, but it fosters such an incredible life filled with so many amazing experiences.

Want the full story? Read Love Is in the Air.


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