Let's Talk Flying: A Recap of OshKosh 2017

ALPA capped off its highly successful return to this year’s EAA AirVenture Oshkosh convention and fly-in with its Women Fly event. Hundreds of young women lined up to attend the Friday night event, which served as a wonderful opportunity to bring these aviator hopefuls together with a core group of ALPA female pilots to talk about their start in the piloting profession and the love for flying for a living. ALPA general manager and former NASA deputy administrator Lori Garver moderated the event and surprised the entire group with arranging a special visit from Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who dropped by to lend his support.

All of ALPA’s week-long Oshkosh activities were organized to help the Association better connect and engage with the larger aviation community. ALPA resource coordinator Capt. Paul Ryder (XJT) took part in a press conference announcing a new coalition, Aviation Works 4U, to promote all kinds of aviation job opportunities to school kids. ALPA national education committee chair F/O Mark Haley (UAL) spoke to a packed house about a day in the life of an airline pilot. And not far away, dozens of ALPA pilot volunteers reached out to hundreds of Oshkosh attendees at an information booth located in the event's Education and Career Center.

Perhaps ALPA Professional Development Group chair, F/O Richard Swindell (UAL) said it best. During an interview last Thursday with EAA Radio, he explained, “This is a great opportunity for us at EAA to connect with our roots because we all start in small aircraft.” Swindell understands that starting with experiences and interests we have in common is a great way to build relationships and ultimately work together.

It was a great week, and ALPA professionals look forward to connecting at future Oshkosh events. See a visual recap and photos from #ALPAatOSH17.

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