Doing What It Takes to Keep the Pilot Pipeline Strong And Our Skies Safe

No one is more committed to ensuring we have enough qualified and experienced pilots to keep commercial aviation safe than the Air Line Pilots Association. The good news is that we currently have more fully qualified pilots in the United States than there are positions available, and air travel is the safest mode of transportation in the world due to our commitment to schedule with safety. However, we do need to make sure we have an adequate future supply of qualified pilots – earning good salaries – and guard against efforts to reduce safety, especially as it relates to pilot training and qualifications. 

That’s why the Air Line Pilots Association has worked for many years to mentor and inspire the next generation of pilots and advocate for loan forgiveness programs and other incentives to make it more affordable to become an airline pilot. And it’s why we’ve launched, with others in the aviation industry, Aviation Works 4U, a one-stop-shop for exploring a career in aviation. We are fully committed to doing what it takes to keep the pilot pipeline strong and our skies safe. But weakening critical and effective safety provisions that are keeping the flying public safe will never be the answer to a pilot supply challenge, real or imagined.

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