Welcome to ALPA, WestJet Pilots

The results are in: WestJet pilots have voted to join ALPA!

This monumental vote wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the WestJet Organizing Committee (OC). This team of more than 125 pilots worked tirelessly to unify their pilot group under a positive message which was pro-WestJet, pro-pilot, and pro-ALPA. 

Under the strong leadership of the OC, WestJet pilots have shown their commitment to collective representation, and ALPA stands ready to come alongside WestJet pilots in order to strengthen, advance, and promote the airline pilot profession in Canada and the United States. With these 1,400-plus new members, ALPA’s voice is stronger than ever. 

Next Steps for WestJet Pilots . . .

The newly represented WestJet pilots stand strong and unified, ready to bargain a collective agreement with management under the Canada Labour Code. 

The vote will be certified by the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB), and the CIRB will issue a certification order, normally within one to two weeks. After this official notification, ALPA will appoint interim WestJet pilot representatives in each base—Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. In the coming months, WestJet pilots will initiate the membership drive, elect their own representatives, and collaborate with the Association’s professional staff to create the framework to negotiate their first contract. 

Congratulations, WestJet pilots, on gaining immediate access to ALPA’s world-class safety structure, aeromedical advisors, and numerous other industry-leading resources. We welcome you and thank you for your dedication to bringing a certified union on property. 

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